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Allie Jean's Ukulele Kids Camp

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Mill Race Amphitheater | June 26-30, 2023 | 10am-12pm daily

Ukulele is the perfect instrument for kids! It’s small, portable, easier to play than guitar, and teaches basic principles of music that will transfer to any other instrument. Plus, it’s just fun!

At Allie Jean’s Ukulele Kids Camp, campers (age 6-11) will learn how to play ukulele from a real teacher and professional musician! No music experience is necessary. Allie Jean will teach songs from her new album, SING & PLAY ALL DAY. Campers will receive a free songbook of the songs to keep.

Friends and family (ages 12+) of campers are invited to join the fun as helpers. Helpers will learn ukulele along with campers, but will have extra jobs assigned by Allie Jean that will help the camp run smoothly for everyone. Jobs will range from assisting campers one-on-one to guiding groups through one of the several Skill Stations. Allie Jean will talk with helpers to assess how they will be best able to help. No music experience is necessary - just a helpful, can-do attitude!

At 11:30am on Friday, June 30, campers will perform a concert for their family & grownups on the Mill Race Amphitheater stage!


Be sure to include your email address in your sign up so that Allie Jean can send you more information!

First Child (ages 6-11)

$150 - Bring Your Own Ukulele

$175- Rent a ukulele from Allie Jean

$195 - Buy a ukulele from Allie Jean

Additional children (Ages 6-11)

$90 - Bring Your Own Ukulele

$115 - Rent a ukulele from Allie Jean

$130 - Buy a ukulele from Allie Jean

Helpers (ages 12 and up) - FREE....but you've gotta be able to follow Allie Jean's directions and be Actually Helpful to Allie Jean and the campers.


Allie Jean's ukuleles for rent or sale are Waterman Ukuleles. They are made of high-quality plastic. She purchases them directly from the manufacturer. When you buy a ukulele, it will be out of the box and will have been played a little bit by Allie Jean and her other students. You can choose what color ukulele you would like: pink, sea green, burnt orange, or glow-in-the-dark teal (looks blue in the pic but it's actually teal).

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