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Sam & Stella's U-Pick Show *Download* (Frank & Allie Lee 2021)

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Long-time fans, friends, and Patrons Sam & Stella Roberts sponsored a Facebook Live concert on March 14, 2021. They chose the set list, and since they love fiddle/banjo style old time music, their selections feature Frank's fiddling prominently. Several of these songs can also be heard on the Freight Hoppers album Mile Marker. Enjoy this unique Frank & Allie set!

1. Welcome

2. Four Cent Cotton

3. Lost Indian

4. Fortune

5. Western Country

6. Cumberland Gap

7. Sugar Jane

8. Sally Gooden

9. Hell Bound for Alabama

10. Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy

11. Been to the East, Been to the West

12. Scandalous and a Shame

13. Things in Life

14. Sail Away Ladies

15. Old Jimmy Sutton

16. Ida Red

17. Sandy Boys

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