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coming fall 2022

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Hey! I'm Allie. I'm a musician, teacher, and mom. I've taught public school, summer camps, music camps, and private lessons. I've performed on stages from Hawaii to France. My son Daniel is 18 months old had has a rare genetic condition.

Although I've been making music since I was 2 (on the harmonica, according to my mom!), I finally have an idea all my own that connects my music, teaching, and mom-ing together. Wanna hear it?


I'm making an album that kids AND grown-ups can enjoy. It will be rooted in American folk music traditions. And I'm making lessons to teach you how to play real instruments along with the songs! The album is called SING & PLAY ALL DAY!

I've chosen 16 songs for SING & PLAY ALL DAY, including a few that I've written for Daniel. 

Not only do I want SING & PLAY ALL DAY to be listenable. I also want it to be easy for you to play along with it. I'm creating self-paced online courses to help kid and their grownups play along on harmonica, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, or guitar!

Everyone can have fun playing with music. Let's Sing & Play All Day!

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