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Allie Jean

Musician & TEACHER

Mom says I was playing harmonica when I was two years old and singing hundreds of songs from memory by age three. I can't remember that, but I've seen the home movies to prove it. 


The folk process has always been my preferred way of learning music. Listening, memorizing, and replicating is natural for me - but that's not what is taught by typical music teachers.


My mission is to be the folk music teacher I needed when I was little. I understand that standard notation is only ONE way to learn a piece. I believe that students' instant gratification is more important than perfection. I know that old songs have worth, and studying them also teaches history. Too often, we lose sight of having FUN with music. Let me help you find the FUN!

A Bit About Me

Hey, I'm Allie. I'm a folk musician, teacher, and mom. I believe music is in you, and that learning to express it should be accessible and fun! I'll share music I'm making, and I'll show you how you can play along.


I gravitate toward songs that have been around a while, and that can appeal to kids and adults alike.


My favorite instrument to play is my voice, followed by guitar. Clawhammer banjo, harmonica, and flatfoot dancing are fun (and surprisingly both easy to get started on and super hard to master!). I can also make musical noise on mandolin, bass, autoharp, and piano.


I think it's fun to be able to make a little noise on a lot of different instruments! (My son does too. Weird!)





Living in the Great Smoky Mountains, I learned and performed a ton of old songs by working in a few different old time and bluegrass bands. Before COVID, I booked tours for my bands from California to northern Michigan to Florida.

Living in Indiana, I started and worked in two bands presenting a contemporary Midwestern flavor of folk/bluegrass music. We wrote a few songs, made up some funky arrangements, and had a blast!

I taught seventh grade Language Arts in a suburban public school. Did I make up a parody of a Beatles song to teach grammar and bring my guitar to sing it for the students? Why, yes I did. 

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