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Happy and You Know It *download* (Daniel, Allie, and Frank 2021)

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We have dreamed of making a children's music album for years, well before Daniel came along. He's inspired us to begin the process! Enjoy his vocalizations on this home recording of "Happy and You Know It".

View the music video!

Our plan is to create more songs in this style and launch them along the way. If you're interested in supporting this project, please visit Daniel's Patreon page!

Vocals: Allie Lee, Daniel Lee, Willow Lee, Haley Gibby, Willoh Diffenderffer, Kamille Reed

Guitar: Allie Lee

Banjo: Frank Lee

Upright Bass: Frank Lee

Tambourine: Daniel Lee

Recorded & mixed by Allie Lee

Mastered by Bruce Lang, Big Creek Music

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