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Sing & Play Holiday

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Sing & Play Holiday is a collection of favorite Christmas and wintertime sing-along songs. These songs were chosen as part of a caroling event that I organized for my music students. They had so much fun that I decided to document some of their favorites.

I recorded most of the album at home in my new studio. The kids' parts were recorded at school.

These recordings are my gift to you! Any donations, however, will be used to purchase 10-12 music stands for my music room. We currently have one music stand that I donated. We need music stands so that the students can have good posture while reading sheet music to play recorder next semester.

BIG THANKS to my Patreon supporters, whose monthly donations funded my studio and whose support motivates me to keep creating.

And BIG THANKS to my new school, ABC-Stewart Montessori, that has renewed my love of classroom teaching and made me feel so welcome this semester.


released December 21, 2023

The Stewart Singers - backup vocals
Leo, Myra, Audrina, Emma S, Katie, Layne, Edward, Charlotte, John Paul, Adalynn, George, Hazel, Nadia, Scarlett, Claire C, Zeke, Claire W, Brooklyn B, Elise, Kadel, Hanna, Vince, Malia, Brynn, Lucy, Bryce, and Aarin

Aahana - lead vocal on Jingle Bell Rock

Lenny - ukulele on the choruses of Jingle Bells

Addy - piano on Jingle Bells

Adam Hackman - banjo on Joy to the World

Allie Jean - all the other things inc. vocal, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, keyboard, arranging, recording, editing, mixing


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